What a perfect adventure!

What a perfect adventure! This vacation has been top of the line, not just because of where we are but because of the staff.  Yall have all been outstanding! This would not have been PERFECT without all of you.  I could talk about each and every one of you but to Teo...You are one hell of an individual.  Very smart, and very knowledgeable.  We have learned so much from you! Not only that, you are one of the most selfless individuals I have ever met.  There is too much to say about you and not enough pages.  As for [my girlfriend] and I getting engaged, Teo, I hope you are next! “Dreams do come true over time!” And then Mya, you are also one amazing person.  Great at everything you do, smart and very hardworking.  You have also been a blast and [we] have loved being around you! Go and succeed in college, we know you will! To all the staff, we love you all! Keep on! Be inspired, the way you’ve inspired us! God Bless.

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