Corporate Executive Retreats

Business. In an appropriately casual, island sort of way.

Royal Belize is the perfect place to sneak away from the office for an unforgettable corporate retreat. We have hosted board meetings, strategic planning groups, executive teams, and entrepreneurs looking for a change of venue to brainstorm new business ideas. An exclusive private island is also a great place to entertain clients, reward employees, and impress recruits. A trip to Royal Belize can serve as a nice reward for sales contest winners or other incentive programs.

Executive Packages

Your organization is invited to host your executive retreat in luxury on a private Caribbean island. 

Our exclusive Executive Retreat package is designed for eight to ten members and includes full-service, first class accommodations and adventures. 

With a full-time staff of 12 including a private chef, island manager, concierge, boat captain, and service staff, your group can work, play and be pampered on a private island. The package includes rooms, meals, local alcoholic beverages, boat transfers, island activities, and optional moderators including island owner and entrepreneur, Bill Poston

Retreat attendees will enjoy the five, one-bedroom suites with individual full baths and separate entrances, and a bunk house with six additional beds and private bathroom. Each room can be outfitted with one or two king beds. 

Group adventures

We offer several options for your group adventure and team building activities. The concierge will work with your retreat organizer to create a special experience that highlights teamwork and adventure. Previous retreat goers have enjoyed: 

  • Yacht sailing with your team as the crew

  • Group saltwater fly fishing class

  • Group discover SCUBA diving class

  • Combination snorkeling/SCUBA trip

  • Spearfishing, lobster and conch hunting

  • Combination reef and deep sea fishing

  • Ancient Maya site exploration

  • Blue Creek cave spelunking

  • Waterfall hike, rappelling and zip lining

  • Community service project