My only complaint is that our trip went too fast!

My only complaint is that our trip went too fast! One would think a week in a place where time moves slowly would be sufficient, but we truly needed more time.  Being able to relax and be waited on doesn’t come natural, but the staff makes it not feel so abnormal—simply because they seem to enjoy the little details that make all the difference.  Watching Joe from afar, it didn’t matter if he was assisting at spear fishing—or mixing a cocktail—he was smiling!  As I scanned through this book there was a common denominator in that everyone raved about the staff.  We expected after reading that we would leave feeling like family—and we did, but there was one team member that has an imprint on who I am as a person.  I am a better person for coming here and meeting Mr. Teo—and I say that because he so consistently called me Miss.  To say that one person can affect your trip so hugely is pretty powerful considering having your own “private island” is checking a pretty box off a bucket list.  This is a place where you can find yourself, love yourself, and find a renewed sense of yourself again.  This is a place you come to without knowing you needed soul searching—only to fill a void you didn’t know you were missing.  Now a part of me will still be missing because I am leaving it here—gladly.

I love this island, I loved the food, I loved the activities, I loved the cozy beds, I loved the staff, but most of all I love our friends for blessing us by bringing us here.

See you soon!