How do you describe what you weren’t even able to dream?!

How do you describe what you weren’t even able to dream?! There is no picture and there are no words that do any justice to this little piece of the universe.  But I can tell you about the spirit of this island and the people that take care of it and us.  The spirit of this island washes over you like the waves.  It is carried on every breeze and is heavy with the scent of tropical flowers.

While this was a vacation, this island almost forces you to have some kind of spiritual experience.  You can get lost in very deep thoughts or you can release your mind and take in what the island what's to show and tell you.

In our 5 days we experience an engagement, a floating lantern ceremony, sending out wishes, gratitude and prayers to the sea, a scattering of ashes of a dearly departed canine companion that would have loved running in the sand and the waves and finally on great was called to be baptized in the sea with a conch shell.

This island will move you if you listen!

Trace and Lynh set the tone of generosity, kindness, and skillfulness that is demonstrated in their entire staff daily.

Though they are never intrusive or overwhelming, they are always available at a moments notice and are gifted at anticipating one's every need.

The staff is accommodating, helpful, patient, funny, and very interesting to get to know.  No matter your skill level, no one is made to feel silly or awkward but rather inspired to try thing they’ve never tried!

Thank you personally to Tracy and his incredible patience, kindness, and helpfulness during my reef snorkeling! I found my bravery because of you.

We are already planning our next trip and will be returning here as many times as they will have us.

There is never enough time to tell all the stories or relate all the experiences in a guest journal but our minds and hearts runneth over...until next visit.