Mare and I invited 4 of our favorite couples to the private trip we purchased through TX State Alumni Auction.  We have been so pleased with the best level of service, the prettiest smiles, and amazing food and drink!  We will be back of our best trips EVER!

Couple 1:  We appreciate you sharing your paradise with family and friends.  The staff was friendly beyond expectations.  Was the most relaxing week ever experienced.

Couple 2: Thank you for a fabulous week!  Everything was just like a dream: service, food, and fun! Excellent staff willing to serve and make your day exceptional.  We absolutely loved every minute.

Montgomery, TX

Couple 3: Wow! What an amazing trip...a true paradise!! The stay was the BEST :) The food was delicious and we loved the “green mint“ jubilee.  We had a fabulous week with great glad we were able to experience Royal Belize.  

Couple 4: It was a dream.  So beautiful and best food!  Wonderful staff! Thank You!  

Hillsboro, TX • 2/24/15-3/1/15