There are truly no words that will adequately express what our stay

There are truly no words that will adequately express what our stay here has meant to me.  Our time at Royal Belize exceeded every expectation.  The adventures were incredible—from snorkeling, diving, fishing, island hopping, cruising for crocodiles, and massages. We all had an incredible time and everything was just, well/planned and executed.  The food was amazing, and we truly enjoyed the variety and presentation. It was an obvious show of love!

Lounging, sailing, and swimming around the island was simply idyllic—it could not be better in any way.  The beauty is indescribable and we all feel so fortunate to have seen it.

While all of the above—mentioned things made this one of the most exceptional trips for us—the best part of all is the staff! What an amazing group of individuals! They are the reason this trip is beyond compare—we fell in love with all of them and they will always be in our hearts.  We will never forget our time here—what a wonderful memory this made! Thank you all


Royal Belize is a piece of heaven on Earth.  

Royal Belize is a piece of heaven on Earth.  What a special place to make memories with the ones you love most.

The island and accommodations are wonderful but the service from the staff is what makes the experience exceptional! Richele Poston and the staff worked together to create special memories for myself and my family, complete with remembering my husband's birthday with a special celebration.  Very touching and heartfelt.  So grateful for the time together with family and friends to relax, refresh, and reset. Thank you for sharing your private island with us! Royal Belize is a very special place! We don’t want to leave—


What an incredible time at Royal Belize!

What an incredible time at Royal Belize! This truly is a special and magical place and it was even better than we remembered.  We were able to reset and rest from the beauty of this island.

Each day was full of adventure! On our first day, we went fly fishing—[one guest] caught several bonefish, and we saw tarpon and permit! We also enjoyed all the water activities—one morning, the water was so calm and clear, so we paddle boarded around the island and saw so many starfish! [He] loved spearfishing for lobster—he caught our dinner! And of course, relaxing was the best. The hammock right in front of the palapa is the best spot :)

The people are truly what make this place special.  We enjoyed the group we were here with—our family, Richelle, and our new friends, [another family on the island]. Finally, the staff was so hospitable, friendly, and delightful. Compliments to the chef for delicious meals! We can’t wait to visit again.


Wow, wowza, double woos!

Wow, wowza, double woos!

What an adventure.  This place far exceeded our dreams.  We can’t possibly put into words this piece of heaven!

Fabulous food, excursions, staff, fishing, diving, snorkeling, breathtaking beauty all come together on this lovely island.  Etched in my memory will always be my two days with the legend of Belize! Lincoln Westby.  He is world-renowned for his ability as a guide—but even more, he is a beloved celebrity to his country.  His life is what good books are made of.  Lincoln will charm one and all with his wit and interesting stories.

We will be back—this place is a treasure in the true sense of the word.


This island was really cool.

This island was really cool.  I really like the fishing here and the water around was good.  The staff here though was probably the best part. They put up with our group and still had the time to play a game of soccer with us, in which they destroyed us, 4/2. So, with that being said, [here] is my address, if any of the staff members want to crack open a cold one with the boys again, you know where to find us…


This has been the trip of a lifetime!

This has been the trip of a lifetime! The island is a little piece of paradise.  Snorkeling, fishing (and catching!), swimming, boating, spearfishing, napping, and EATING—all of it has been amazing.  The entire crew has gone above and beyond to make our stay perfect.  Ben, Marco, Lucky, Polo, Oscar, Cindy, Milan, Joe, Clifford, Capt. Andy and Chef (who we only saw once, but appreciated him EVERY DAY) were what made our stay so fabulous! The scenery was spectacular but it was the staff who treated us like rock stars!

Thanks to Richele you being the perfect hostess and for giving us this incredible opportunity.  These memories will last a lifetime!

We hope to visit again!


There are not enough words in my vocabulary to describe how FANTASTIC

There are not enough words in my vocabulary to describe how FANTASTIC this experience has been! This is truly paradise! Joe, Oscar, Milan, Lucky, Manuel, Polo, and Cindy (and the few I didn’t meet) could not have been more helpful or accommodating.  Such wonderful, interesting, kind, hardworking individuals.  I’m truly grateful for them.  I cannot wait to see them on my next visit. :) I’ll be back!


This is truly paradise!

This is truly paradise! We were amazed at the beauty and felt like we were in Heaven on Earth. All of the staff members were great and always “all hands on deck” with beautiful smiles every day. The photo ops were incredible and are a photographers dream.

Thank you for allowing us to stay in your home and all of the awesome memories we were able to make.


Absolutely amazing island, experience, staff—they made me feel like family.

Absolutely amazing island, experience, staff—they made me feel like family. The most hospitable experience in my life.  They were all very knowledgeable about the culture here and those activities we desired to embark upon. I am so humbled and honored to have been here! It's an experience I will never forget. As my first visit to Belize, it set the bar really high! I caught a shark on our dinner cruise! It was my first time fishing. I won’t forget Clifford our captain and Ian for the experience! Thank you—I will come again.