10 perfect moments on royal belize

There are a thousand amazing ways to spend a day on the island. Here are a few of our favorites, from sunrise to sunset:


Sit next to the Grand Palapa at 6:30 with your coffee and catch the sunrise, followed by a fresh breakfast. A perfect way to start the day. 

Land’s End

Begin your day catching some rays on the dock leading to Land’s End. Just about the time you get warm, you’ll get a delivery of frozen grapes.

Cool off

Take break from the sun and take a mid-morning swim off the east side of the island.


While you’re at it, grab a snorkel and check out the underwater life right off island. Maybe you’ll find a conch you can bring back for fresh ceviche. 

Lunch time

Regroup for lunch under the palm trees and plan the back half of your day over cold Belikins. 

Nap time

But don’t work too hard – no day is complete without a nap while you pretend to read a book. A beach lounger or the outdoor bed outside of the hibiscus house are good options. The hammocks are pretty perfect, too.


SCUBA adventure

The Belize Barrier Reef is just 15 minutes away. Suit up and explore some of the best diving spots the world has to offer. 

Toast the sunset

Celebrate a hard day’s work on the west side of the island with sunset cocktails.


There’s one more thing to do before calling it a day: lay on the sand and take in the night sky, or use our telescope to catch uninhibited views of the stars as waves crash in the distance. 

Beach games and water sport

Work off lunch with some bocce ball, Frisbee or beach volleyball. Then hit the water again with the sea kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, or take the Waverunners out for some tubing.