Sunrise, there’s a fire in the sky

For a few moments, it seems like the entire day might turn out to be gray.

Water hangs on to the shadows just a little longer; it still smells dark outside and the pelicans haven’t yet left their roosts.

The Grand Palapa is quiet, there’s coffee waiting for you on the dining table and you’re reading that book you’ve been meaning to start. Maybe you get lost in the words for a moment, look up, and wonder if it’s twilight.

And then at about 6:35am, the sun appears over the eastern waterline like curious little fingers reaching over the kitchen counter.

Before you know it, the frigate birds have found their wind stream above the island. You’ve finished your plate of fresh papaya, traded in coffee for a Bloody Mary and you’re on the search for somebody to get that one spot on your back.

The best thing about sunrise here? It happens every day.